Golf For Cruise Pas...

Golf For Cruise Passengers  


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25/09/2017 8:58 pm  

Share your recommendations for how cruise passengers can best take advantage of Bermuda golf options.

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20/02/2018 3:14 am  

For cruise passengers, my recommendation is to contact the Pro Shop directly and find out what rate they are able to provide you. Be ready to cross reference that with the tee time calendar on as well as through the booking engine at  Just for fun, compare what the cruise ship charges, (no disrespect Mr. and Mrs. cruise director, but your excursion prices sometimes make me cringe).  We have found that sometimes going directly is the best option, because when asking the shop about the discount rates on booking engines they often match (to be clear, we have never had to do this with Port Royal as Golf is included in the package where we stay at Cambridge Beaches, but it gives you some options to try and it has worked for us in Florida). This would also give you an opportunity to meet the staff, all very great people!

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